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Draft Active Transportation Plan

(The public comment period ended on September 4, 2018, and the Plan will be finalized this year)

Individual plan chapters: 



Summary of Existing Conditions (added 11/2/2017) 

Project Meeting Notes

Internal Steering Committee (ISC)

The ISC is a group of City and MPO staff who have an interest in active transportation in Las Cruces. This group includes representation from Community Development, Economic Development, Public Works, Transit, and Traffic Engineering.

September meeting notes

November meeting notes

February meeting notes


External Advisory Committee (EAC)

The EAC is a group of external bicycle and pedestrian advocates who provide guidance throughout the project. This group includes representatives from the City, the county, AARP, Safe Routes to School, NMSU, New Mexico Department of Health, and many other organizations! 

November meeting notes

February meeting notes



Walking and Biking Barriers in Las Cruces- This map shows areas in Las Cruces that were identified by stakeholders as areas that are barriers for people who bike or walk.  

Bicycle High Crash Corridors- This map depicts corridors in Las Cruces that experience a higher number of bicycle and motor vehicle accidents. 

Pedestrian High Crash Corridors- This map depicts corridors in Las Cruces that experience a higher number of pedestrian and motor vehicle accidents. 

Strava Bike Trips- This map displays the number of total bike trips made using Strava from 10/2016 through 6/2017. 

Sidewalk Gaps- This map shows the areas in Las Cruces where sidewalks do not exist. 

Bicycle Level of Traffic Stress- This map shows which streets in Las Cruces are more or less stressful for people riding bikes. 


Open House Presentation Boards

The Project Open House was held on Saturday, February 3 from 11 am to 2 pm at the Bank of the West in downtown Las Cruces. Below are the project boards that were presented to the community.  The project team is working hard to update recommendations on community feedback.

About the Project

Your Experience

Existing Networks

How we Developed the Bike Network

Potential Bicycle Network

Bicycle Facility Toolbox

Pedestrian Focus Areas

Pedestrian Treatment Toolbox

Policy & Program Ideas

Policy & Program Ideas (continued)